Basics Of Block Printing

Basics Of Block Printing

Block printing is the process of printing on fabric (or paper) using hand carved sycamore or pear wood blocks.

Fabric is stretched and tacked on to the printing tables. The block is pressed a couple of times in to the tray holding the pigment paste for an even application of color.

The printer then presses the stained block on the fabric firmly and strikes it with their hand or a wooden mallet to transfer the color. The second impression is made the same way.

The printer takes care to line up each impression with the previous one as precisely as possible. This process is continued till the whole length of fabric is printed.

Since this process is fully executed by hand, the slight misalignments from one block to the other add to the beauty of the prints and create a unique impression each time.

We print only on natural fibers like silk and handwoven cotton. All clothing and accessories are designed for gender neutrality and inclusivity. Harkoi products are already handmade at every step, using all-natural materials, and the packaging is all recycled and/or recyclable.

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