An Easy Guide To Understand 'Bandhani'

An Easy Guide To Understand 'Bandhani'

Our Stories of Nostalgia collection of scarves and bandanas and our Celestial apparel and accessories uses the evocative technique of tie and dye 'bandhani'. None of the patterns you see are printed. The patterns are created by small hand tied knots on the fabric, which when dyed, resist dye in the areas of the knot. Hundreds and thousands of these dots are configured together to make a pattern that looks like pixelated art. 
Here’s a step-by-step graphic to show the 'bandhani' tie-dye process. These images show a simplified version of the process in order to give a quick insight into the intricacy of ‘bandhani’.
Step 1 - Fabric is tied into small pinched portions over the traced pattern.

Step 2 - The tied up fabric is ready to be dipped in the dye-bath.

Step 3 - Tied fabric is dyed in a color of our choosing.

Step 4 - When fully dried, the tied fabric is pulled apart with force on the bias which makes the ties pop out.

Step 5 - Once all ties are removed, the design is revealed in areas where the fabric was pinched and tied.

Step 6 - All edges are hand hemmed and the Harkoi label is sewn in.
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