What Is 'Kala Cotton'?

What Is 'Kala Cotton'?

Kala Cotton is a rain fed crop that uses no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It is water efficient and almost carbon neutral. It is grown in areas in Kutch (Rapar and Bhachau blocks) and Surendranagar (Patdi, Dasada and Mandal blocks) in Gujarat.

Cotton collected from the fields goes through ginning to separate the fiber from seeds and other residue. The fiber is then carded to create cotton bales ready for spinning. The bales are hand spun and converted into yarn.

Yarn is washed and prepared before it can be woven. Kala cotton is woven into fabric using a fly shuttle on pitlooms by artisans from the Vankar community in Gujarat who are traditional weavers.

Kala cotton is naturally breathable, absorbent and gets softer with every use. Since there are no harmful chemicals used anywhere in the process, it is a safe and sustainable material for clothing and home goods.

Image credit: Khamir

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